Summer 2015 Stuff and Finishing Off the Garden with A Little Canning and Vinegar Making


I again had a very busy summer 2015 here in Point Roberts. I had many visits from friends and family (so good to see my 3 grandsons). My good friend Jean was a great help/encourager, as was Jordan (ceiling painter & electrical) and Darcy when he could (especially Laurel sprout sprayer). I painted the whole inside of the house which involved caulking all the trim, doors and windows as it was never done before. Also, the ceiling in the living room is very high and it took many trips up/down a very long ladder to finish the 2 big beams and side wall peaks.  It has made the whole place look so much brighter and bigger….not to mention the great feeling of satisfaction is has given me to look at it. Now that is done I know I will definitely be able to relax more next summer.

Last summer’s DIY renovations (with a hired local handyman, of course) were ‘enough of that’ for me with all the work of building a roof on patio, removing carpets, laminate down on all floors, then tile floor, back splash and counters in kitchen, new bathroom sink/counter/toilet, tearing out old monster brick wood stove & installing new airtight wood stove. Not to mention the ripping out of the giant 12′ high, 12′ thick half-way-around-the-property Laurel bush ‘hedge’.  It was a lot of work that summer too. I was sure glad when it was over, and I was then off to Cambodia and Laos in October.  Travelling around those countries for 6 months was a wonderful experience for me. I could write a book on it but life goes forward, not backward, so I will continue on in the present here.

Jean and I in a Victoria Garden for dinner – July/15


I tried to start this blog while I was in Cambodia but didn’t ?!? so here I am now and it is almost the end of September and I am taking off soon to Fiji. I am going to the same place I was at 2 years ago for the 2013-14 winter.

My garden got off to a slow start with cold spring nights, but my different leafy things grew well, as did the snow peas, green and purple beans, cucumbers, strawberries, raspberries. There was a drought from June until about 2 weeks ago so the tomatoes only started to ripen about 1-1/2 weeks ago.  I pickled green tomatoes, snow peas, beans and, of course, cucs. Then I just hot-packed the first few bottles of tomoto sauce.  I have just started to get into making real vinegars (not ‘flavoured’). I have some apple vinegar, white wine vinegar, raspberry vinegar and blackberry-apple vinegar, all made with fresh fruit except the wine vinegar. I will leave them to mature while I am away this winter.

I am now working hard to finish up around here and there is a long list of things that have to be done before I go away. I don’t know how to prune raspberries so will have to look that up on the ‘net. The woodstove is on now as it is getting cool.

Dinner Outside Aug/15 (l-r) Trevor, Caelan, Darcy, Jordan n Me